Rip Curl Surfing
Rip Curl Surfing
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Rip Curl Surfing
Our surfing school transfers knowledge and techniques in surfing from our research to develop the best methods for you to learn to surf and we have a structured course. Our fleet of vans and boats are ready to transport you to the best spots and we always go that little bit further to make sure our students get everything out of their time with us and for their surfing, kiting, SUP'ing, wake boarding and windsurfing.
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Rip Curl Surfing
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Rip Curl Surfing 
Rip Curl Surfing 
Rip Curl Surfing 
Rip Curl Surfing
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The Ultimate Experience
Our mission has always been to provide each and every student with the ultimate experience on every step of their search using the best-in-class facilities, equipment and through our education programs. We aim to be a cool and vibrant place of learning, where everyone can discover their search and share their experience with others who also share the passion for knowledge and respect for our oceans.

The Crew
We provide foreign and local crew who are amongst the highest qualified instructors in the world. We fly in certification instructors or send our crew abroad to complete levels in all of our different course disciplines; making sure we are teaching the latest and most efficient programs. We insist our front line crew and drivers also partake in our activities to give them an understanding of our programs, so they are able to answer questions and more importantly share in your experience.

The Facilities
All of our school location facilities include the latest range of wares, changing rooms, personal lockers, private bathrooms, fresh water showers and loads of off street parking. Each location has its own chill out area with cold drinks, good tunes, tables and chairs. If you're bringing a friend or family member along then all locations are adjacent to great restaurants where they can relax in style and enjoy a meal.

Your Memories
Our team of Photographers and Videographers record every perfect wave you pull into and some of your wipe outs. You can pre-order your surf movie to be shot over 3 days and edited over night on DVD and up loaded to youtube, as well as have all your photos taken during every session recorded on to CD for you at the end of your lessons.

Fun Choice
Our mission is to continue the development of an internationally-recognized surfing syllabus, to strive for excellence in teaching, and to offer the finest services to our students. We aim to be a vibrant and intellectually challenging place of learning.
Terms Of Trade

Rip Curl School of Surf is covered by a total liability amount of US$ 1,000,000.00. Rip Curl School of Surf will provide medical care and will cover related expenses due to injuries and/or accidents occurred during the transportation to and from the Rip Curl School of Surf and during the Activities, to the total amount of US $ 10,000, Permanent Disablement or DEATH US$ 100.000.

All Students must complete a waiver releasing the Rip Curl School of Surf and all its officers and/or employees, including agents, from negligence and any further legal action by any party, prior to the class. This waiver is not valid for personal medical or travel insurance and cannot be used for any claim or purpose except that of the Rip Curl School of Surf. Claims outside of Indonesia will not be accepted.

Cancellation Policy:

-Written notice to cancel a booking must be received a minimum of 2(two) days prior to check in date for no cancellation fee to apply.
-A 50% cancellation fee apply for booking cancelled within 2(two) days of course date.
-All rates above are inclusive of government tax & service charge.

Rip Curl Surfing

Individual Beach & Reef Break course One course

Beach Surfer - Level 1
Rip Curl Surfing
In a set of five 2 hour lessons, our ‘Beach Surfer’ program allows a total novice to master the key surfing skills quickly and easily. Learn the essentials in simple, easy-to-follow steps and master the art of riding waves, paddling, forehand and back hand turns.

Reef Surfer - Level 2
Rip Curl Surfing
Build on the basics and master the techniques of reef wave riding. Level 2 courses are designed to prepare students for more challenging waves. The ‘Reef Surfer’ program teaches the surfer the skills for generating board speed from the wave, transitional turns (cutbacks), paddling onto the peak of the wave, compressions and extensions (Top & Bottom turns). Study books are utilized along with imagery (Photo and Video) coaching to ensure results.

Power Surfer - Level 3
Rip Curl Surfing
Our ‘Power Surfer’ program is the ultimate life changer. If your passion is to ride short boards, duck dive set waves and move to the tropics, then this program is for you. Picking up from the ‘Reef Surfer’ program you will perfect your ‘cutback’, the power of your ‘bottom turn’, finishing with a ‘snap’ or a ‘floater’. The ‘Power Surfer’ program is derived to suit each student, along with performance reviews and video coaching.

Little Ripper
Rip Curl Surfing
Little Ripper Turn your kid into a 'little ripper' with our specifically designed junior surfing program, we cover the skills and knowledge of our regular syllabus but teach them using methods developed especially for kids. Maximum 3 kids per class and one-on-one tuition for maximum safety and attention. Please inquire about our package rates for our 3 and 5 little ripper course programs including a kids-tank top. 1 x 75 minutes course

Kite Surfing
Rip Curl Surfing
Our Kite school is located on the shores of the 1km wide and 7km long Sanur lagoon; with its warm, clear tropical water it is the perfect place to kite surf. Sanur offers conditions and challenges for ever level of kiter from the flat water in the lagoon for learners & freestylers, to the rolling waves over the reef for kite wave surfing.

Wake Boarding
Rip Curl Surfing
Experience the thrill of one of the hottest sports in the world with a wakeboarding lesson and learn everything you need to get started in one easy session. Then move up to tricks, flips and aerials with one on one tuition in a private lesson or join a group of up to 3 people in our purpose-built wake boat with wake tower.

Wing Surfing
Rip Curl Surfing
Take a new look at an old favourite with wing surfing lessons at our school where we emphasize balance and technique over strength, which allows students to learn fast and easily. Your instructor will be following in a sea kayak or shadowing you on a windsurf board to maximize the lesson.

Stand Up Paddle
Rip Curl Surfing
If you have never surfed or you did back in the day, then Stand Up Paddle (SUP'ing) surfing is for you! Forget all the grovelling around in the white water, paddle in hand it’s easy to power onto all sizes of waves and with a quick change of foot position you're surfing with ease. In your first lesson you'll be piloting the board along the coastline and riding rolling waves.

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